I went to work on Monday thinking I had a fairly quiet week in the office ahead of me. A few hours later I was going back home to pack a bag for Florida. We were testing an exterior wall mock-up at a lab in West Palm this week, and due to a shift in the schedule, I needed to be there at 8:00 the next morning.

Luckily, this week of training is one of my flex weeks, since we have a 10K race on Sunday. I had planned to do a repeat of last week’s workouts with a few adjustments, but given the travel I would content myself with whatever I could fit in. I spent all day at the mock-up yesterday and finally had time for a run around 5:30. I pulled my running clothes out of my suitcase, but couldn’t immediately find find the jog bra I’d packed. I knew I had put it in, so I ended up unpacking everything, checking and rechecking the pile of clothes, and even feeling around under the lining of the suitcase in case it had slipped through a loose edge, all to no avail. I have no idea what happened to the bra. I distinctly remember debating which one to take, folding it up, and laying it on the stack of clothes. After that it’s a complete mystery.

I debated my various options. If I went out to buy a bra, I’d miss my window to run. I could scrap the run altogether and go for a swim instead, but not knowing the schedule for the rest of the week, I really wanted to get one in while I had the opportunity. My only other option was to improvise something. I hiked up the straps on the two bras I had brought, but both on, and jumped up and down experimentally. Not too bad. I was undoubtedly going to sweat through all of the undergarments I had packed, but I had a workable solution. Off I went.

I was concerned how I would do in the heat and humidity, but it really wasn’t as bad as it might have been. I managed 5 1/2 miles at 9-minute pace, which felt more like a tempo HR in the heat. Today I’ll try to get in either an easy run or a swim if time allows. Until then, I shall hydrate.


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