Holiday Whatnot

As a native Northeasterner, I always find it difficult to get into the holiday spirit in Southern California.  Without the mittens and chapped nose, winter somehow loses its oomph for me.  This past week we’ve been having positively frigid weather by SoCal standards, though, and it actually snowed in LA County yesterday.  I’ve been trying to bolster the slight suggestion of winter with other seasonal activities—primarily burning a gingerbread scented candle and knitting hats for Afghans for Afghans winter campaign.  I always associate winter with baking, which I’ve seriously curtailed since going Paleo, but I can’t wait to try a batch of the gingersnaps from Elana’s Pantry this weekend.     

 Many of the blogs I read have been running  series on gift ideas for the runner, caveperson, knitter, chef, [insert target audience here].  I’m posting links to some of my favorites here, and I do have one suggestion of my own to add: Lo-Lo Bars.  After a bout of Santa Anas and accompanying 5% humidity last week, my skin was reaching levels of dry itchiness that don’t bear detailed description.  Having tried seemingly every conventional moisturizer to no avail, I decided to go the solid-state route and ordered a Lo-Lo Bar.  It arrived a few days ago, and I loooove it.  It stays on my hands for hours, even overnight, and it smells wonderful.  In one fell swoop I’ve got soft skin and I’ve found my go-to holiday gift for the hard-to-shop-for to boot.  CaveMama, I hope you’re not reading this, because there’s a lovely Lo-Lo Bar gift bag with your name on it.


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