I am Cavewoman, hear me grunt.

News is a little thin as I’ve been sick all week, which means I haven’t been doing much running or cooking.  I’ve been trying to get in a bit of weight training this week, though I still haven’t found a routine that’s really working for me yet.  I finally hit the gym for a run yesterday, and it was good to be back on the treadmill again, albeit a little sluggishly.  Since my mileage has been limited by the IT band trouble, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to shake up my workout routine a bit.  I’d like to start incorporating some more serious strength training into my week, but I’ve been struggling with how to go about it.  Runner’s World has run a continuing series on strength routines for runners, but theirs tend to focus on free weights and isometrics.  The convenience of being able to do my strength training at home is appealing, but I’ve found that it’s just too easy to skip it after I get home from the gym.  The material I find on weight training using the gym machines all seems to be geared toward body building and eschews cardio.  I’d like to have a better understanding of when to do the weight training –before or after running, on rest days, etc.  It’s not such a big deal right now, since my runs are so short, but if I’m going to stick to this long-term it would be helpful to have a plan already in place.  I did come across this site on a Runner’s World forum, which does include running in its program, so that may prove helpful.  I’m a little intimidated by the thought of dead-lifting, and I’m pretty sure my girly runner arms are not up to a single dip.  Still, I’m curious to see if I can unearth more than the suggestion of abs I currently have.


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