New York Recap

I really miss fall...

It’s been an unreasonably long time since I’ve written a real post.  My only excuse is that I think that the jet lag combined with the time change has completely confused my circadian rhythm, and I’ve been wide awake, sleepy, and hungry at all the wrong times for several days now.  It’s also possible that I’m getting sick, but I’m attempting to head that off with vitamin C and extra sleep when the confused circadian allows. I had a great weekend in New York, despite the pangs every time I saw anyone wearing a mylar blanket or trying to get off a curb without bending their knees.  Kudos to all who ran, and truly did not resent how long it was taking you all to make it down the stairs into the subway. 

One interesting opportunity the weekend presented was being able to assess the weather and how the race attire I had been planning to wear would have worked out.  Sunday was absolutely beautiful and exactly the conditions I had been hoping for—sunny with highs in the mid 50’s.  I had envisioned wearing my favorite hot pink sleeveless Road Runner shirt, partly for visibility to my imagined well-wishers in the crowd, and also for the additional pockets it affords.  It’s also pretty low on the chaffing spectrum—always a critical point.  I generally favor running skirts, but I planned to wear compression shorts for the race to avoid bunching issues with fuel belt.  Top it off with compression knee socks and possibly disposable gloves, and I was set.  The part of the plan I hadn’t considered was that this race starts at 11, not pre-dawn, like all my half marathons.  The late start combined with the longer duration means that there is actually quite a temperature swing over the course of the race.  I was surprised to see how many runners opted for full-length tights, and I think I might have been really cold in the shorts, particularly on the bridges. I may also have to break the Runners’ World rule about arm warmers only being appropriate if you’re going to win your age group. It seems that it would also be tremendously helpful to have a few strategically placed friends on the course to collect gear as the temperatures rise. 

I had pulled out before I really gave a lot of consideration to what I would pack in the gear bag, but I also think I would have massively underdressed for the wait on Staten Island.  The logistics of the marathon are so much more complex than the half, and I will definitely devote some thought and research time to this before my next attempt.  Planning nutrition accordingly also seems like an important consideration for this race.  I was used to doing my long runs early in the morning and being done well before lunch time.  In general, I find that I run better later in the day, so the late morning start is a boon in some sense.  It hadn’t really occurred to me that I wouldn’t be done until 3:00 or later, meaning that I would be 2600 calories down on top of having essentially skipped a meal.  Next time around I think I will plan some long runs at race time to figure out when and how much to eat beforehand.

All in all, it was wonderful to be reunited with the Caveboy for a few days, and explore the neighborhood, and soak up some autumn.


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