Running in Circles

I haven’t run since Sunday and I’m feeling like a total mess.  Yesterday I woke up with my knee and hip aching, which seemed strange given the lack of running.  I am hopeful that the change indicates that some sort of healing process is happening, and not that it’s getting worse even with rest.  My cough is still lingering, but seems less persistent than it was this weekend.  I foam-rolled pretty thoroughly last night and was a little surprised how tight everything was despite the time off.  My plan was to resume running tonight, provided that I was feeling up to it, so I’ve been trying to assess what will constitute being “up to it.”  From what I’ve read, mood is the most obvious indicator of overtraining, and many articles suggested that it was safe to return to training once the irritability and anxiousness pass.  My problem is that not running makes me irritable and anxious.  For the first time in more than a week I couldn’t sleep last night, and I awoke feeling panicky and stressed.  I’m worried about going back to training and having it go badly.  I’m worried about taking too much time off.  I’m also pretty sure if I keep worrying about it, my run tonight will go badly.  One thing’s for sure – if I’m going to kick some ass at this race, I need to figure out how to calm down.


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