Running in the Midweek Doldrums

I’m just going to put this out there: Advil, if you’re looking to sponsor an endurance athlete, I’m your girl.  I will proudly don ‘Vitamin I’ singlets, sports bras (provided they don’t chafe), and hats.  I should mention that I do have a strict rule about not plastering words across my ass, but that’s really my only caveat.  I already tout the virtues of your product to anyone who will listen.  I’ve got great ideas, too.  How about Recovery Mix—a trail mix with chocolate-covered Advil?  Ibuprofen-infused energy gel?  Gold.  Also, I could use some free samples. 

Thanks, I think, to my Advil, ice, and rehab routine, my hip and knee seem to be improving this week.  My general endurance, however, has been sub-par.  I ran an easy 8 on Tuesday, which didn’t actually feel difficult, but was laborious nonetheless.  Yesterday I was still feeling tired and decided to swap my tempo run for Thursday’s easy 7, which I ended up turning into an easy 6.  I know I’m still behind on sleep and getting back on track after all the holiday meals last week, but I just don’t feel like myself on the running front.  This was actually supposed to be an easy week after the 20, but I was planning to go full-steam to make up for my missed miles over the last few weeks. 

I’ve continued my appetite-in-overdrive streak this week, which has convinced me that I may not actually be eating enough to support my mileage.  After being away last week I don’t have a stash of protein prepared ahead, so I’m planning to do a lot of cooking this weekend.  If all goes well, there will also be a lot of lounging around and watching football, too.


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