In Which I Finally Admit that I’m Injured

Even without the squid shape, still kind of bad-ass.

This was not my day.  I got up at 5:15, made my breakfast, and was on schedule when I got in the car at 6:45.  I was planning to start running at 7 and meet a friend along the way at mile 6.  I got to the end of my street and found it closed off, presumably for a race.  Traffic in LA being what it is, I feel like some sort of advanced warning might have been warranted. There were no athletes in sight yet, so I reversed course and made my way to the next major cross street, which was also closed.  From there I was directed several blocks further  west, where I was told I’d be able to cross the course.  No dice.  At that street, I was again told to keep heading west to the next open crossing a few miles up.  This went on until I had driven all the way to Venice Beach, where I was told that all of the crossings would be closed until 11:00.  I was then directed to drive north to Santa Monica and take the 10 back.  All along, I had only been trying to get 2 blocks south, and I had already driven 4 miles out of the way.  At that point, I decided that the better option was to just ditch the car and start running at the beach, doing out-and-backs as necessary to still meet my friend at the appointed time and location.  That was when I realized that the Garmin was at home on the couch.

I ended up calling my friend and cancelling our rendezvous, driving up to the 10 and back to Culver City, with the idea of retrieving the Garmin and running the race course back to the beach.  When the lead cyclist finally went by at 7:45 I determined that it was the LA Tri going on.  After a few miles of repeatedly getting shooed off the course by the police, I finally gave in and managed to cut south to my usual route on foot.

To add injury to insult, my knee started hurting about half a mile in today.  I’m at a loss here.  I ran 8 miles yesterday without any problem.  I ran back-to-back 7’s and 8’s on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday without a problem.  I’m left with the conclusion that it’s either the difference between the road surface and the treadmill, or the cumulative mileage by Sunday that’s doing it.  I suppose there’s also a the third factor of running early in the morning, when my muscles are probably tighter.  I tried running in the dirt along the bike path, running on the opposite side so that my right leg would be taking the stretch from the crown, and shortening my stride.  Nothing helped.  I made it 13 miles before I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I admit it.  I’m injured.  I’m just not sure what to do about it.


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