This Week’s Goals:

1. 16-miler tomorrow

2. Not succumbing to the head cold that seems to be threatening

3. Organize for next week’s long run, which will be an away game

For item one, this week’s IT band experiment will be kinesio tape. At $20 a roll, it’s a rather expensive experiment, but I’m optimistic about this one. I had visions of getting to make one of those cool squid patterns I’ve seen on other runners, but from what I can tell the IT band version is just a wide strip down the leg. So much for looking bad-ass.

My approach to item number two is pretty much a three-pronged offensive of neti-potting, high doses of vitamin C, and non-alcoholic beer. I’m not crazy on that last one – it’s actual science. Getting enough rest this week would be good, too, but with a 6 AM flight on Wednesday that seems unlikely.

Number three will require some actual planning. I’m headed to Baltimore for a long weekend to see the Caveboy, and I’ll need to squeeze in at least couple of easy runs and a 20-miler while I’m there. In addition to making sure I have all the requisite gear, I’ll also have to pack as much of my pre- and post-run nutrition as I can.  This is leading to all sorts of questions, like ‘Do I really want to try to get protein powder in a tupperware through security at LAX?’ And, ‘How many gels can I fit in a quart-sized ziploc?’ The project for tomorrow after the long run will be attempting to fit everything in my carry-on, about which I am not terribly optimistic. I always find long runs while travelling a little more stressful since they generally afford less control of pre-run preparations and food, not to mention an unfamiliar course, but it will be a good dry run for the race.

I made a run to Roadrunner Sports today to pick up the Rocktape and stock up on more gels – Hammer Apple Cinnamon and Gu Chocolate Mint, which I’ve been anxious to try ever since Frayed Laces raved about it. I also snagged some Recovery Brew, which I haven’t tried before, but it seems like a good post-run option next for next weekend that won’t require comandeering the kitchen.

In the mean time, my clothes are laid out, the coffee pot timer is set, the shuffle is loaded, and I am ready for some long-running.


One Comment to “This Week’s Goals:”

  1. The Gu chocolate mint is tasty.

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