Make Mine a Double.

Ever since I watched the first season of Mad Men, one question has been looming in my mind: Would I be willing to put up with 1960’s-era sexism if it came with the ability to drink at work? Days like today, I think yes. We’ve scrambling been for a deadline this Friday for weeks now, and I’ve been struggling to get in the extra hours at work and still get all my mileage in. I’ve ended up sacrificing sleep, which I’m aware is not the greatest strategy for an endurance athlete. Anyway, I got my drawings posted to the printer today at 4:30, leaving just some file clean-up to do tomorrow. I was just thinking how nice it would be to leave work on time, when another crisis arose. I finally got that wrapped up at 7:40 and told myself that even though I was running really late for my run, I would at least be able to sleep later in the morning since I wouldn’t have to go in early.  That was then the email came in scheduling a team meeting before work.  So now, after 7 miles of speedwork, a quick chat with the Caveboy, a shower, and cooking, I’m now eating dinner at 10:45. Actually, seeing it all listed out like that, I’m impressed I got all of that done by 10:45.  Ah, the glamorous world of starchitecture.


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