We might be a little light on posts this week at the Cavegirl.  I seem to have had a complete computing breakdown this weekend.  First, the screen on my current laptop died. It’s an old office cast-off of indeterminate age, so it was no great surprise, but I’m always pained by system failure.  After some finagling, I do have it displaying through the tv, thus sustaining my netflix habit, but typing on it is ergonomically questionable. My VGA cable is only long enough to reach directly in front of the TV, so in order to see the screen I have to sit on the floor and wrench my neck up at 90 degrees.

Like any good MIT alum, though, I am a one-person, two-computer household, so I hauled out my old laptop and fired it up. I’ve had it since grad school, but it’s always been a solid workhorse. When the new version of Windows became too much for it a few years ago, I switched it over to Linux (yes, I am just that geeky), and it’s been chugging along fine ever since.  I hadn’t used it in a few months, though, and I quickly discovered that a few things had gone awry since then. The 5 and m keys only work intermittently, so I largely have to copy-paste them now. The left shift key has stopped functioning completely, which you wouldn’t think would be such a problem, since it’s redundant. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the typing tutor program in fourth grade sometime after the lesson on the left shift, but before I got to the right, so I actually never, ever use the right shift key.  Surprisingly, I’ve never found it to be a hindrance until now. Anyway, a new laptop is on the way from Dell, but in the mean time there may be some flawed capitalization. Maybe I’ll try an e e cummings-styled post next time.

In actual running-related news, I ran 7 miles of speedwork tonight with no IT band issues at all! Then again, the gym seemed to once again being having HVAC issues (77 in the cardio room), so maybe it was some kind of Bikram-induced flexibility. (That’s right, I’m talking to you, Culver-Palms Y. For a gym that shares much of it’s membership base with AARP, you’re playing it kind of fast and loose with the climate control.) Anyway, I’m planning to keep up the diligent foam-rolling, and to keep rocking the compression socks to keep my calf-guns happy. Here’s hoping.


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