A Note of Thanks

Body, we’ve had our issues at times.  I’ve said that you of looked fat in a few outfits. In moments of frustration on runs I’ve accused you of being weak and lazy. I’ve never had a major problem with your power quads and meaty calves, but I admit that my eyes have strayed to the whippy little legs that so often pass us. Still, you continue to show up every day, ready to take whatever I can dish out. I screw up our training schedule and deprive you of rest days. I push the pace on easy days so I can get home in time for Glee.  Sure, you complain occasionally, but mostly it’s just a cry for the attention you deserve.  And today, I salute you.  I have demanded a lot from you in the last few weeks, and you have brought it, without fail.  Thank you.  Next week, we’ll rest. I promise.


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