It’s only Wednesday, and I hope I don’t jinx myself here, but I think my body has finally figured out that we’re training for a marathon. My Yasso’s last night were intense, but good. I was bracing for sore legs today on my easy run, but they actually felt great. This was actually the first easy run in a long time where I really felt like I was just on cruise control.

Given my concern about muscle fatigue after the speedwork, I only switched to my NB Minima for the last 3 of my 6 miles tonight. I’ve only been wearing them for portions of my easy days, so I’ve only logged a few runs a week in them so far. Even given that limited time, I really feel like they’ve really helped smooth out the rough edges of my stride. My footfalls are definitely more even and consistent, and I feel like my running posture has improved as well. The interesting thing is that since I’ve started wearing them I’ve noticed changes in which muscles get fatigued first, regardless of whether I’m wearing the Minima that day or not. I’m optimistic that that means the adjustments are sticking. I find that for the first quarter mile or so after I put them on I tend to overthink my stride and it feels a little forced, but as soon as I relax into it everything seems to smooth out. I’m not sure how much I’ll fully integrate them into my training–whether they’ll become an everyday shoe, or more of a specialized tool–but I’m definitely hooked.


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