Gray LA

Under the Marine Layer

Oh, how I love a marine layer!  The 99% humidity this morning was a bit much, but I’ll take it over glaring sun any day.  I’m still experimenting with what to eat pre-long run since going paleo.  My system seems a little more sensitive to carbs now, and finding something that doesn’t cause a stomach ache two miles in has been harder than I initially thought.  I’m not a morning person to begin with, so just hauling myself out of bed pre-dawn on a weekend may be part of the problem.  Last week I tried potatoes the night before the run and a smoothie and a sourdough English muffin with almond butter in the morning.  This week I made a pumpkin custard for dessert last night (more on that later), and had a bowl of oatmeal and the English muffin/almond butter combo again.  I felt much better this week, but I should still probably get up early enough to allow a full hour to digest before I head out.

I’m going to try carb cycling for a few weeks to see if that perks up my faster runs a bit.  The idea is to keep strict paleo on easy and rest days, and on hard days to switch to a balance of  more carbs and lower fat to hopefully keep myself at least a bit carb-loaded. The only real drawback to the plan I see currently is my addiction to peach and blueberry smoothies every morning.  Despite what the Paleo blogs tell me, I’m just not convinced that avacado and raw eggs in a blender are really the way to start the day.

The upside of the cycling plan is that I can occasionally indulge in slightly more dessert-y fair.  I made the pumpkin custard recipe from here: last night, and I’m very pleased with it.  My only variation from the recipe was using only 3/4 cup of coconut milk for more of a pumpkin pie filling texture.  We are very serious about pumpkin pie in my family, and I was delighted to find that the result was a very passable paleo version.  I love baking and giving it up has actually been the hardest adjustment to paleo for me.  I do make the occasional batch of  almond meal muffins, but all of the effort I put into learning to bake well is pretty much lost in the density of the product.  I’m always excited when I find a paleo recipe that still captures the lightness and texture of traditional baked goods.  One of my favorites are these cookies, which are perfect when you find yourself with an extraneous banana:   The crumb is really light and delicate and the flavor, though not nearly as sweet as a traditional cookie, is well-balanced.  They freeze really well, so I usually make a batch and then defrost them one at a time when I need a pre- or post-run treat.



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